Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bead 28 The Glerp!

Today was an interesting day i got to sleep late, finished a TON of last minute things before class and ate well for lunch . oh yesterday i got my first piece of "outlandish" literature from a man on the street corner in front of the college, he was actually very nice and gave me a pamplet on animals and how we should be more conscious of how we treat them and what we eat. not too bad or crazy in my eyes, he was kind and has his right to say what he wants. i like animals too :)
Any hooooo back to today i had an epidemic of woolly worms (bugs really) . okay there was only three or four but each of them had already started to do damage to my stash. so i frantically bagged up ALL my wool except a smidge for bead and sculpture making.

this isnt all of it there was already two bags in the freezer in the house, and also my bag of llama.
I could have cried as there was a slow shuffle with my mom dad and I to the big freezer with a good two thirds of my stash being put there for safe keeping untill the bugs perish.
7 realativly big bags of wool fiber and yarn
all gone (to the freezer)
So today was a mixed up kind of day not great not horrible just glerp

which happens to be one of my favorite childrens books
i had already crocheted the bigger one but by todays out come a smaller bead one seemed appropriate
hope tommorow is better

for you and me both

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