Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bead 25 unplanned early morning

today was supossed to be my restful day, wakeing up super late eating a yummy huge breakfast and working on sculptures alllllllllllllllllll dayyy!!!!!
But like all my plans it did not quite go that way. i woke up thinking i had slept late (the sky was dark  but it was to be expected with the storm comming), and wandered in to tell my mom good morning when to my dissmay i look at the alarm clock to see it was ONLY EIGHT O'CLOCK!! then the rest of the day fell in to the assqued line. i went to yard sales only got two little things, had a chicken biscut from a fast-food place, helped straighten up the house , and watched alot of silly marathons on tv.GRR i want to MAKE ART!!!!
here is an abstract big bead
i have worries :(
do you?
i hope you (and i) can  let them go
for the bettering of ourselves.

a combo of tons of fibers, even some lama
i want to spin the lama but am a bit frightened to do so .
i think im going to go get some ice cream

- a sneeking m

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