Monday, August 22, 2011

bead 20

Collage was nice,home is better.
its hard to imagine that just a few hours could make you miss your family so much dont get me wrong i had fun and am looking forward to the semester. im sleepy though. i got dehydrated to day and didnt eat enough to get me through the day and now i have the constant feeling of squiggles in my stomach, it feels disqusting
I miss summer (even though it still feels like it).
dont you?
i need warmth
naps and relaxation
how about you?
i hope to goodness gracious that i am not getting sick
todays bead is composed of layers of hand dyed and pre-dyed fibers.

My mom and i have always had a saying of "I'm a big brave lion, I'm a big brave lion" to comfort us when we are scared .i repeated it all day , i really needed it and belived it helped alot .luckly tommorow is my rest day only two classes at the end of the day :)
have a great day tommorow

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