Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bead 204

Today was a niceish day
I was officially approved for my design class consept . yayyyyy!!!
I made a sample stone to show them for our sit down, imediatly my teacher scooped up the stone and rubbed, observed, and was temted to squish it, he resisted (even though I wouldnt mind) he set it down tenderly on the table as if it were made out of glass i even herd him mumble "put it down gently" ha ha
okay the new project is to create an anomaly using whatever material we so choose
one way to create an anomaly is making an object out of an unexpected material
 I am creating stones from wool and making them look really realistic, to be photographed amungst really stones
my teacher and teachers assistent really liked my Ideas and we agreed while giggling over are wirdo comparison from my project to "where's waldo?"
 he even got attached to my example stone and started to see a face with it
as i left to go back to my table the teachers assistant was saying "oh nooo he is getting attached"
we are silly artsy people
dont judge
now I have to go shop for more wool (he-he-he)
also today was so so so pretty and nice out, i got to take pictures of flowers moss and crocuses

and on top of all that we had brinner
my bead today is mossy ^_^

have an awsome friday

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