Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bead 186

I was a slightly perductive lump today
my evil cyst had/has my somewhat down for the count so a majority of the day was spent in bed
but I had a great discovery,
seriously love love love love love it
i have had regular hummus before ,but today my parents got me a great super garlicy hummus
and i love it

and have been contimplating what food I can slather with it all day long,
carrot sticks? sure.
good crusty bread? yeah.
petas? of course.
yummy crackers (not to be confused with krackers the bunny)? yep.
flip flop? hell yeah!!...wait well, you get my point....ha ha
even my hummusy bead is questioning my decision
he is good, but maybe not that good?

have a lovely week and stay safe germ-wise, its a jungle out there, filled with tons of germy people and things

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