Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bead 196

today was a nother day coated in charcoal and randomness
i arrived at school early (as usual) and continued to work on my drawing
crappy phone picture, sorry

did that for 4ish hours
my drawing proffesor helped me with my creeper hand (to the right of the picture) today and he called out my stupid vase above it , he said that i wasn't looking t the still life, looked at me (I'm crazy expressive with my face as you know, and was frowning & scowling) he took it back real fast and said "well you were half looking and thats good" was so funny. as if that silly man could hurt my feelings!
went to lunch with dad,
and met my proffesor for a quick maditory sit down
then spent the rest of my day knitting and occupying my time with other junk
including getting hit on by a random (cute) older guy on the street
he started speaking to me in broken spanish saying " man, do you always have to walk so fast to your classes?" in  the wrong order, but I spoke to him in english, and I explained to him that I do understand spanish but didnt really like to speak in it unless absolutly nessicary, he chuckled and told me that it was understandable and asked me my race, i told him hispanic and native american, he said that I was really unique....smiled at me a long time then shuffled off towards his direction
It was nice, and funny
I shared it on facebook and of course my family had to twist it, typical
whateves! I am me , I am nice and cute
also mama came and got me about an hour early
all and all a nice-ish day
my bead is simple purple bead. why? cause today seemed purplish
its a combo of dark purple and a touch of sparkly purple

I hope y'all have great tommorow

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