Friday, February 10, 2012

Bead 191

had a pretty awsome day, but I let my anger get the best of me twards the end....
went to my one class which let out about twenty minutes early!!!
then went to go purchase some expencive paper at the art store on the outskirts campus
its an awsome place but really sucky for a person on a budget- ME...
i spent about 15 minutes just wandering through, pricing in my head what I could get with the freakishly expencive sheet of paper (originally $7.45 but was on sale for $5.56 )
eventually I headed twards the register (with just that sheet of paper) when a nice guy that works there asked me if i needed any help, I told him no thanks I was just browsing and wishing I had more cash on me
went to the register where I compleatly forgot the new price of the paper-but the nice guy I had just spoken to, told the guy cashing me out that it was $ sweet
after that it was kindof down hill
i got kindof mean-red-and-lumpy after that
like todays bead
tommorow will be better

have a lovely weekend

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