Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bead 203 Rhino

today was a pretty good day
it was so pretty outside
I continued drawing the charcoal stilllife and want to english, then chilled and worked on my bunny the rest of the day
Afew minutes ago as a was getting ready for tommorow I stumbled apon a documentary about rhinos.They are beautifully magiestic creatures but sadly their lives are in great danger  and there are so few in the world because of greed. The documentary was really graphic and showed the aftermath of people removing the horns off the animals while they are still alive.A poor one had his scull partially exposed as he was waking up from traqulisers ....I sobbed....I have always loved animals particularly rhinos and I have gotten to see a few upclose during the summer at disney world

so my bead today is in honor of the many lost, and hope that we as human-beings can figure out how to save them before it is too late....


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