Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bead 200

happy 200th Bead
yay!!! we made it to a major hump!!!
but back to today it is
snowing                                      snowing                           snowing             
                   snowing                                    snowing                                         
snowing                  snowing                                           snowing                                   snowing
first one of the year where I live
and its freakisly cold and of course my college hasn't decided if there is going to be a delay or anything
(*update- my school dosent open till 10 :)*)
I live about 30 minutes away from school in the outskirts of town in the country
 so the ground is frosty and the roads are slush
There isn't enough snow (as far as i know) to make a snow man or creature
so todays bead are snow lumps
lump!lump! lumps!

have a nice tommorow and week
stay safe, stay strong!

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