Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bead 199

today was a nice and perductive day and began with a 2$ meal shared because we had coupons
we got:
a 2 chicken biscuts
a thing of hash browns
and a big lemonaide
all for 2$
then after that mama and I went thrift / yarn /suff shopping
we got various nick-nacks, yarn ,roving and a new crochet hook for me
it is a U hook and is so huge and nice

but also i finished a hat
called the Ironic Gnome Hat from The work is getting to me
so nice! i have been working on and it is finally done, blocked and ready to wear
i made a tiny version for krackers
she dosen't enjoy it as much as i do
but.....we do have fun

so ...
my bead today is resembling our Gnome-ish hats

have a nice tommorow

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