Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bead 290

Today began kind of......well to be perfectly honest with you horribly.
I had to get up super early to go to the dumb ceremony, I slept  through the two hour ride and disgruntley got through it, but as soon as I got my award I left. seriously almost running to the car. Afterwards as bribed we had THE BEST FREAKING CHINESE FOOD OF MY LIFE! it was a buffet, super clean, and super yummy!!!!
Luckily the remainder of the day was a total adventure. Including trips to a fabric store and craft store. I was able to purchase three different really cool fabrics, two types of clay, black teeny canvases, a large white natural wool skein of yarn, and some paint in anticipation for a project I am backing on kickstarter .
On the way back home we also went to the super big farmers market where I got herbs, dyeing supplies, pork rinds,  and fresh veggies. The last part of the journey ended with us going to an estate sale where I found some amazing stuff (I'll show you soon on Dinosaurs and Bunny's rawr!!!!).
tofu cube in honor of the most awesomist Chinese food of my life!

hope your weekend is going super well, I will be sharing some cool stuff on my other blogs.

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