Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bead 274

Tired right now. Today, today, today was so nice, yet so long. First morning doctors appointment went well and didn't take too long. Afterwards Mama and I went to Earth Fare where I got granola, half-and-half, a small mortar and pestle, and assorted bulk nuts. We also went to the salvation Army Store where I got some nice shiny beads, which helped me continue on to my second doctors appointment. The office is being renovated and now looks as if it were decorated by jack the ripper! ha ha dusty cement floors, and plastic cover about 80% of the place and the office space has been cut in half, so there are prego people everywhere! And also quite an amount of loud construction workers, Mama and I tried to joke with the doctor how I loved the renovations done to the place, it was so "cereal killer chic". Unfortunately he has no sense of that did put a damper on things.......
But whateves, I continued on my happy way , it was freakishly hot today but Mama being my knight in shimmering armor went out and got ice cream pops for everyone a few hours ago
so pretty nice day today.
partially shimmering bead using some of the shiny beads I bought today.

have a bitching Friday !
a sleepy

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