Monday, May 7, 2012

Bead 278

I am loved!
today a girl in my mothers class brought cupcakes coated in glitter for me as a feel better soon gift and a good luck for my upcoming surgery, THEY WERE AMAZING!

so of course as a thank you I had to make something in return so I decided to knit up this little papa for her backpack

today I also color coordinated my stash

I'm not sure what to do with myself till my surgery so this is about as good as it gets. I still haven't gone food shopping for the things I would like to make and it is to freakishly warm in the house to even think about turning on the oven or stove top all day. The bunnies both are doing very well and are loving having a personal fan for each of them during the day, and were lumps all day long. Similarly to me.
a glittery cupcake bead today.

On a separate note I'm not sure how beading will get done once I get my surgery and am still hopped up on pain-killers, but If you bare with me I'm sure we will find a way to cross that bridge once we get there. ^_^

Have a happy tomorrow lovies

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