Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bead 273

Hello rhombuses and circles,
I hope you are doing oh so very well on this fine Wednesday, today went allot better then yesterday. Less harassing phone calls from various medical professionals and government-hopeful "professionals" (and their equally annoying constituents). The one bad thing that happened today is that it was freakishly hot, humid, and sticky in my house. I sware a portal to hell opened up smack-dab in the middle of my castia. The bunnies were almost complete blobs today, melting* and sleeping all over the place then occasionally catching short burst of energy. Of which krackers decided to channel into breaking into people rooms and not leaving until I skooched her out physically, she proceeded to do this about 5 times , the last time remaining under my bed until I dragged out every single box and bag to take her out by hand and put her in her house. Peanutbutter is perking up thank goodness, and thank you for your good vibes and prayers they were greatly appreciated. I didn't do much today, mainly knitted.But I feel better today.
Mama found a slug, I LOVE HIM. So he shall be my bead today.

well sort-of, its how I see him in my head anyways

Two doctors appointments tomorrow... boo. But I believe I shall survive!!
Have a happy tomorrow

*The bunnies always have adequate water, food, and air conditioning. even if we "people" don't; the bunnies are always taken care of and won't overheat*

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