Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bead 272 Va-cay Blues

I know today is only my second official day of vacation, yet I'm already kind of going crazy. I'm too tired to actually do things yet I'm too restless just to sleep. therefore I am in Vacation blues and perpetual Va-cay "limbo". and not enjoying one ounce of it. I started blogging on Dinosaurs and Bunnys Rawr !! and Marshmallows and Happy Fellows, like I have been promising to do for months. official post and tutorials will come soon. But back to my blues, I haven't got baking, cooking or crafting supplies (if you don't count the crafting supplies and yarn filling two rooms*I don't count them*) yet and I think that is whats got me in the pit of the slump. also the phone has been ringing off the hook in preparation for my surgery and from various representatives for the upcoming election........I hate the phone now more then ever and am sick of hearing:

                      "Hi my name is ________, and I wanted to let you and your family know that I am ready to                       speak for you in this upcoming election, yada-yada-mumbo-jumbo-empty promise-                       -empty promise-yada-yada Thank Youuu"

I have forgotten days already and feel like a prisoner, I need to get out soon or start being productive ASAP. Just a mixture of blues today

hopefully tommorow will be better

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