Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bead 279 Ignorance is never bliss...

Disappointed right now...
"Amendment one" was passed today in my state, approving the constitutional amendment defining marriage as union between man and a woman......It effected so much more then just Gay marriage. Luckily, this bigotry has caught the eyes of national news stations and has now been brought to the attention of the world.
Disappointed...... today I got sick and wasn't able to get out and vote. I had a chance to vote earlier and should have taken it.
Disappointed in myself, and Disappointed in this state.
What is really "wrong" with people is their inability to love and accept their fellow man for who they are. I love God and I love and believe there is good in others. But we cannot change the past, I pray that tomorrow will be better for everyone.
I hope that this will not continue. That people will practice what they preach and we will be able to accept one another regardless of whom they chose to love.
On another note  tomorrow by lunchtime I will be cyst-less. I'm a bit nervous, I've felt gross all day long and haven't had the feeling to do anything today.
today's bead says love will win.....
because ultimately it will.

hope your tomorrow is lovely

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