Monday, June 17, 2013

Bead 685

I literally jut saw the fasted spider ever scurry across my bed...while I was in it....not a big spider...but it's freakish speed was enough to scare the bajebies out of me....I killed him on accident afew moments after that...and now I'm scared his super fast mourning family will come aft me now....yes I'm still discussing a spider who was probably the same size as a penny...but I'm paranoid about weird dumb stuff..most of today was occupied with nothing, I have to force myself a good "rest day" or I'll end up feeling worse then before whatever I did happened. It was a gray day inside and out , I tried to do activities that would cheer me up but unfortunately didn't go past just being there...
Tiny Yellow bead seemed like the color of the day...

(Still haven't got my act together with organizing and finding my cords and such to do a proper post here  but there's always really good hope for tomorrow )

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