Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bead 684

Still in post event recovery, the skin on my back and arms are pinkish and is slowly becoming a darker brown shade...I tan oddly for a Latina, instead of automatically becoming a more dark brown I transitions from pink to golden slowly. I dunno why, it's just always been that way so I'll probably be a partially pinky squishy person for about a day more till I solidly turn a darker shade...all day was occupied trying to become a person again. I'm sore and swollen and stiff, like a little human husk (that's at least what I've been referring to myself as since yesterday) but I am happy to say for the most part I'm in better spirits, still a bit bummed out about my financial status but it will all work itself out eventually...I'm a optimist...a begrudging optimist...but I try and I'm happy so I guess that's what counts?
Pinkish brown bead


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