Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bead 680

Really exhausted but I had a pretty good day.
Woke up early and went out to redeem a free breakfast for two that I won at a local cafe.

They make local, seasonal, and sustainable food and it was pretty yummy! I got sweet potato pancakes and fruit. Nom! After that a few errands like picking up a few new indoor plants and cacti, dropping some things off at the post office, escorting a turtle I named Shelby across the road on the way to the post office then back home to make monsters all day...lots of sewing, glueing, and painting and I completed almost all of them! 
Monster face bead today 

I promise to you on the life of my favorite yarn that beads are being made every day, I've just been on super flibber-de-jibbit mode this week because my event Saturday  and my workspace being in total beyond normal disarray...I'll post photos as soon as I possibly can once I find the freaking AWAL. Cord I need...

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