Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bead 679

I finally had an epiphany today...very much needed especially for the way I've been carrying on lately, I've been internally beating myself up for a failure that hasn't even happened yet and hopefully never will.... I have an event Saturday my first really good legit booth as an artist and "adult".
I'd already decided that it will be a disaster
And that anything horrible that could happen; would happen and that it would signify yet another wound on my artistic soul......
I'm not normally that good at being a pessimist, but damn this time I was great at being one!  Luckily I have finally snapped out of it and feel like me again.
I love epiphanys.....today it was brought by kind words, a mild tantrum (I'll be perfectly honest I did throw myself on the floor and sob for about 3 minutes straight), and a good cup of coffee to bring  me back down to earth...I hope I can mentally stay here for a little while.
Coffee colored bead today

(Unfortunately epiphanys don't clean workspaces and I can't find the cord that'll cure my dead laptop so photos will have to come tomorrow....oops!)

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