Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bead 676

not a bad day, super rainy and gross to begin with ( a tropical storm was a brewing)
2 rainy not so great yard sales then home to nap for a few hours.
I have exactly a week till my event with my artist group in which I'll have a half of a booth of my artwork. I hope I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket but I'm desperately needing some supply and stuff money to keep me a float...I use all the money I get from selling art to get supplies to make more its an endless cycle of scrounging up all I can to be able to get the supplies to carry out projects that I want to do.
had a mild freak out of all the things that have got to get done for the booth I'm pretty far and got some progress done today: 4 plush bodies sewn, all tiny food sculpted and done, foundations of paint on creature faces and rings and a few more little things. for some reason a part of my brain snapped and decided to try to get everything physically possible done today as if the deadline were tomorrow....
lots of colors used so freak-out colorful bead today


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