Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bead 315

today was a real Topsy turfy kind of day. filled with ups and downs. the ups were super awesome, but the downs really sucked.

  • mom's first day of summer
  • lunch with sis
  • free plants from a really nice guy, maily peppers and a few other things (thank you sir!I'm going to be sure to bring him a thank-you present once the plants get bigger)
  • shared fro-yo with mom
  • finished paperwork
  • really important waiver accepted in a timely fashion.

  • not feeling well
  • paper work that never came, so I have to go to the financial aid office and give them chips of my soul
  • mom accidentally broke my favorite vintage pitcher, it was older then me
  • eaten alive by mosquitoes
  • really scratched my eyes while removing my contacts, so now I have to ware my glasses for awhile
organic looking plant bead today, (I much rather focus on the awesomes)


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