Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bead 311

Today I was normal....for a little while at least...
I mingled.
I achieved various social niceties.
I saw two old friends.
Was nice to a stranger that needed a smile in his day.
Bought a few cool things for not much money.
And had a great cup of coffee.
Had some of my favorite things in the world today obviously coffee, fire, candy, quality time with my homies, giving special things to said homies and just silliness with my family.
love it and I got pretty pictures of rock candy!

to further explain the fire part we purchased a huge and I mean HUGE mason jar filled with hundreds of vintage matchbooks from everywhere! I sorted out the ones that I thought were the coolest and enjoyed seeing the old advertising and slogans on them. ahhh to reminisce back to the days when smoking wasn't that bad for you and subliminal messages ahem pretty pictures cover everything.....
matchstick bead today!

have a lovely Sunday my Friends

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