Friday, June 8, 2012

Bead 310

hope y'all did too. started out typical but really really turned amazing!
yesterday afew of my mom's and my "children" gave her a few gift card as thank presents so that in turn lead to mama coming to get me for lunch , we went for a foot long sub to split and we filled that poor dear to the brim with tons of yummy veggies, I also got free cupcakes!!!!
after lunch I helped with various teacherly-workday kinds of things........
came across a kid with similar brainwaves,  family crest project, love it!!!!!

got to see my sister too, and I shared cupcakes with her!watched part of a funny movie and just visited for a spell. then came home, made strawberry lemonade and am now  happily watching epically funny shows.
I haven't had such a joyous day in a long time but I most certainly have been needing one.
cheery strawberrry lemonade color bead today:

have a happy weekend lovies!

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