Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bead 309

Good Day to you!!!!
so let me explain further about what happened yesterday (technically earlier today) after I posted my bead. ate some off brand coco-puffs, watched t.v. till about four in the morning then tried to go back to sleep.....woke up at about 8:30 this morning and tried to resume normal shedual-ishy time....but I totally had brunch that was way more lunch, a nice quesadilla with rosted onions and mushrooms!! yum!
and I also had a little vistor this afternoon the was nice enough to grace me with his precence.A teeny (well he was about a foot long) black grden snake. He was sunning himself like a little prince on the front porch, I wasn't able to touch him, but I rather him be comfy , not stressed out and enjoying the nice sun.
ain't he cute?
didn't do much today but start a batch of cold brewed coffee, look up new patterns to knit or crochet, listen to The Beatles and The Civil Wars , just chilling and trying to get some freaking equalibrium back.
a teeny black bead in homage of my teeny black visitor today!

have a wonderful Friday lovies! I have some cool things planned , we will see how it goes ^_^

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