Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bead 314 munko-less

SAAAADD! I have been wanting an designer toy called munko for awhile now.He is so freaking adorable but sort of out of my normal splurge range. booooooooo!!!! I got super excited that I got 100 of their new points worth five bucks off you next order (in my excitement daze I failed to realise it was off a purchase of 25$ or more). so no munko for me today :'(
It comes in a blind box and that's also the not so awesome part I love the original munkos and the munkosaurs.I don't like the munkette though.

not my pictures.
  It has been stormy most of the day. gloomy. further adding to my mourning. I know I can make a homemade version of munko but it wouldn't be the same!! just been knitting and hanging around all day.
munko bead today.
still doing math on how I can get one
please send me some good vibes and prayers for other stuff going on in my life

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