Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bead 636

Mondays...the most difficult day of the week to get through...but I did with out too much drama/ Ill fated shenanigans, most of my day in fact was spent glazing my sculptures even more and getting them prepped for the kiln, it was a ton of work but I've fully glazed my large first sculpture and the faces that came off with its first firing, all the babies for the second sculpture and at least the first layer on the teenage creature I made that was a casualty in the kiln due to an exploded sculpture next to it...still haven't 100% figured out how to fix it but I will have everything glazed and just go from there I guess?

The babies and fallen faces are already loaded in one of the indoor kilns, I usually get kicked out to the really large outdoor kilns because my pieces are always the biggest in the class...oops! Well I guess I play for keeps with everything?

Anyways yay for glazing! After that pretty much an uneventful day, went home, took a shower to get the thin film of glaze I had managed to get all over my body, brinner, slept unintentially for 3 hours or so when I was meaning to stay awake and work on artwork......boo....I'm not a fan of naps in the least but I'm pretty exhausted from the day I had and really, really didn't mean to sleep, oh well!
Glaze colored bead today


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