Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bead 613

Had a pretty unexpected totally awesome day,
I had to go into the studio this morning to work on my current ceramics sculpting project...I wasn't to happy (and never really am too thrilled) about going into the studio during the weekend, on the weekends campus disappears...but I only had to go in for a few hours and for the most part didn't have a bad time while working on it. Afterwards I was treated with tacos from our favorite spot and an estate sale! Yay!! I found a lot of really cool and reasonable things and of course  nommed me some tacos....haha. Figured out another sculpt for a local show having to be made with records. I've already got one piece finished. Anyhoooo I had a dope day both mentally, physically...and mail wise! My baby corn finally came in!!! Yay!!

Corn colored bead today


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