Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bead 478 Thanksgiving

Hope ya'll had a magical Thanksgiving, I sure did, I cooked the entire meal myself....Like the whole freaking meal, I was so proud and feel so accomplished that I did it. the menu went as follows:
honey and brown sugar glazed ham
green bean casserole
broccoli and cheese casserole
mac& cheese two ways
mashed potatoes
yellow saffron rice
sweet potato pies
sauteed mushrooms
cranberry sauce
and something else.....welp I can't remember!
but it was allot of Delicious food, my family engorged themselves as soon as they were allowed in the kitchen. I was also able to watch a pbs special on mushrooms and fungi in my state after I cooked I love mushrooms so much!
ham-ish colored bead today


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