Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bead 473 Comic Con

Okay, lemme lay it down for you..... I love fun.
I love Adventure Time.
I love comic books and I love friends.
and I was able to spend about half my day with my loves.
This was my first Comic Con ever and in retrospect it was tiny in comparison to the much more famous grandiose ones that everyone knows about. for the most part it was really great, but again super tiny and a good majority of the people attending were rude. the vendors were super sweet but I found myself constantly getting pushed around and saying excuse me. There were a select few kind folks in the crowd like a funny gentleman and his son who happily informed us that " If we stop we will never see anything" and a portly handsome storm trooper who bumped up against me and giggled and lisped a very sweet and genuine "sorry!!!"
comic panel bead today


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