Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bead 667 Jello and mellow

got a new toy in the mail today, a glorious big guy named mellow:

"Mellow is your gentle companion.  Although he looks sad, Mellow is quite the optimist.  His wonderful taste for finer foods and weaknesses for chocolate and desserts explains his rather large size…or does it?  Neighborhood kids will not come close to his house.  Rumors fly as to what ingredients are ACTUALLY in his desserts.  People shut their blinds and lock their doors when he walks by.  Mellow is the stuff that urban legends are made of… But do not be afraid if you come across the lumbering beast.  It is best you whisper and wave “hello”."

I got him for just 10$ and I have to say he and his jello are quite glorious and dapper...haha
jello and mellow colored bead today


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