Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bead 651 Sorry :(

Sorry for all the technical difficulties lately, I know it sucks but unfortunately we are switching cable providers and I will be offline most likely till the 21st of May :(
The reason for such glitchyness here with posting (like all the photos and ect.) lately has been because our current cable providers have decided to start messing with it ahead of time, the TV, Phones and of course Internet have been horridly spotty and have unfortunately been rampant lately when I'm trying to post photographs of my beads and my day.... I thought you deserved a sincere apology and explanation of why I'll be AWAL for a little while, beads will be made and documented within the down time and posted as soon as I get Internet back! I really hate having to do this but unfortunately don't have much of a choice in the matter, I've tried conecting to neighbors wifi and am no longer able to catch a signal from them and unfortunately because of my glorified shut-in status it's not like I can go else where to work...I'm going to miss you guys!! And miss posting here but what's done is done so....boo...
I'm going to try to keep myself busy with projects and sending mail to friends that I would normally communicate via Internet with.
Grr, Internet is messing up again....missing photos will be posted later :(
Artsy orange bead today since I found an old project that'll be most likely put in a show soon


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