Monday, February 4, 2013

Bead 552 pleased as punch!

today has been as so so yet more on the bright side kind of day! I've tried to keep positive regardless of whatever has fallen in my lap today and for the most part it worked!

dad accidentally pierced the bottom of my drink cup while putting it in my supply bag...let it go!
hair in my food so I couldn't eat breakfast....let it go!
found some good reference books for a new ceramics project, positive!
finished sketches. positive!
sadd-ish boring class...let it go!
approved for my idea for an upcoming project! positive!
was able to do a test sculpt of a part of it! positive!
got to leave earlier them usual! positive!
got 2 much anticipated toys in the mail today!! super positive!! my DIY Stranger and a pink Marge Mallow yay!!!!
pink and white mixture bead!


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