Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bead 555

coming down from coffee mania...not as bad as it usually is so that's great. I'm just a little shaky and not twitchy or fidgety so I think that's a good sign?
I think I'll be able to sleep, or I at least hope so?
not a bad day, just horridly slow....
stared at a De Kooning for an hour or so for one class, and worked on a still life for the other....painting staring was the funnest by far!
But I got through the icky part of the day, so I'll take it as a victory.
after school went for coffee and pad Thai with a friend, it was pretty awesome and I wasn't as socially awkward as I feared I would be! so yaaayyyy!
he gave me some really awesome albino-esque pretty red eyes, and I've already used afew for various sculpts in my mania pretty much as soon as I got home...
albino-esque creature bead today

it hasn't felt like 555 days but I really appreciate and care for you individuals who actually read my post, thank you for being you!
See you tomorrow loves!

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