Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bead 606 to da zoo!!

Pretty good day! Zoo trip with the family! And labbit...he won the drawing and got to be a part of the fun day! We had gotten the tickets for free a few weeks ago but finally found the much neede free time to actually use them today, it was a special activity day at the zoo apparently...they gave anew different kinds of animals Easter eggs (both real and fake ones filled with different treats) for the, to eat/play there was a crap ton more people then normal...yay....but we had fun regardless!
I love animals and so does my family so it was a fun and cool thing to do to finally have an actual break day together.

After the zoo I was occupied with dyeing eggs for cascarones and apparently having some kind of allergic reaction to some of the activities today and breaking out in Bueno....I'm really sore, itchy, uncomfortable....and now splotchy pink with calamine lotion....I have no clue what I did...and I'm not the happiest camper right now...but positives!!! It'll be gone soon and for the most part I had a good day!
colorful mish-mosh bead today


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