Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bead 597

very good day, well it didn't really start out that well but it most def got better as the day went on, unfortunately last night was like the past few nights of the non sleeping department...I think its the weather that's making me so achy? its getting cold again off and on and really killing my spring buzz... but its okay I was able to survive the cold, get though classes and hang out with a buddy:
target loitering...
perfect outing if I do say so myself!!!
home art work didn't go as swimmingly though >_<
but it'll all work out eventually I guess? I did find and munch on some gummies though...haha
gummie bead today

I hope to be doing more substantial and fun beads again soon, I'm really sorry that I've been so blahh lately but I'm always a WIP...

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